Counter's flexibility and variety in hit counter styles -- along with the lack of banner ads and pop-ups -- makes it an ideal choice for giving your web site a professional look and feel. You can pick a ready made counter design that matches your web site appearance. Counter offers hundreds of graphical styles. Here are a few samples of hit counter styles.



How Counter Works

Counter works using a small piece of HTML code, which is auto-generated for you, and that you place on your web site.

Then, you can use our simple online tool to customize the design of your Counter. Once you've decided among the styles we offer (or created your own hit counter design), you're ready to begin tracking your web site visitors.

Total Customization

Unlike most HTML web counters, our Counter is totally customizable so that you create your own design. Display your site visitor counter any way you'd like -- you can customize the colors, fonts and design to match the look of your web page. With unlimited graphical styles, Counter can match the look and feel of your web site.

Make it Invisible

Counter also can be made entirely invisible to your visitors. Counter will continue to track visitors to your web site and even though your visitors won't be able to see the traffic, you can continue to track visitors to your web site.

Historical Reports

Counter stores 2 months worth of historical page hit and visitor data, allowing you to view your web site traffic trends. Counter reports are displayed in an easy to understand, graphical format.


Historical Reports

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