"I am absolutely amazed at how good, clean and simple your counter is. I am really impressed. I just got rid of the other counter I had because it was just too messy looking."

-Stephen Ashurst

Count your page hits for less than 2 cents a day!

Know how many hits your page is getting
Fully customizable counter to track and display page hits in real time!

  Counter is the easiest way to count total page hits to your web site.

  Counter is a fully customizable hit counter that gives you professional tracking options for your site. Here is a sampling of how Counter assists you in learning more about your customers:

Question: Can Counter grow with my business?

How Counter Delivers:

  • Counter is fully scalable so there's no limit to the amount of page hits that your Counter can track
Question: Will Counter detract from my site?

How Counter Delivers:

  • professional designs allow you to seamlessly blend Counter into your site
  • an optional invisible Counter allows you to track hits without showing your results to visitors
Question: How will I be sure that I'm getting accurate results?

How Counter Delivers:

  • with Counter you can track page hits or unique visitors (you decide)
  • IP address exclusion allows you visit your own site without skewing visitor data

  Simply cut and paste your HTML code on to the pages on which you would like your counter.
Let us do the rest!
Counter is hosted by's reliable, high-speed servers so it's maintenance and worry free.


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Listed below are several examples  of counters:

Click here to see the counters advance

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